Dual & Triple CCTs

Curricula and programmes

The Faculty and its partner colleges have undertaken cross-mapping exercises to identify shared competencies that can be dual/triple counted as leading to dual and triple CCTs in ICM and one of the defined partner specialties.

It is important to note that it is the programme which is dual/triple; the trainee is following two/three separate CCT curricula which are combined into a dual/triple programme with mapped capabilties. There is not an individual curriculum for each dual/triple route.

Routes of entry

For dual/triple CCTs, trainees may enter either programme first and have the appropriate capabilties dual/triple counted for the second/third CCT, simultaneous entry to all programmes is not currently possible. Doctors will not be able to apply for Dual/Triple CCTs if they are beyond the end of ST5 in their initial specialty of appointment at the time of interview for ICM.

The guidance below is for dual/triple CCTs undertaken with the CCT in Intensive Care Medicine.

The triple CCT programmes for ICM and the medical specialties with Internal Medicine are still in development but will be published here when finalised.