Faculty Tutors

Faculty Tutors are consultants appointed at hospital level to supervise the training of doctors undertaking the Faculty’s training programmes in Intensive Care Medicine. 

Appointment process

Faculty Tutors are appointed by a process coordinated by the relevant Regional Advisor (RA) or, if there is a conflict of interests, by the Deputy RA or a Regional Advisor from a different region. The process will normally include consultation with:

  • The local hospital’s consultants in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM);
  • The employing authority’s:
  • Medical Director (or equivalent),
  • Director of Postgraduate Medical Education (or equivalent), and the
  • Clinical Director/Lead Clinician for ICM;
  • The local ICM Programme Director;
  • The Chair of the local Specialist Training Committee in ICM.

Often there is only one applicant, agreed by the ICM consultants and the ICM RA will write to their Medical Director inviting endorsement of the appointment. If there is more than one applicant in good standing, the Director of Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) will be asked to arrange an interview. The panel should comprise the Director of PGME (or their nominated Deputy), the ICM RA (or their Deputy) and a nominee of the Postgraduate Dean. The name of the appointee will then be sent to the Faculty for ratification.

Alternatively, a ballot may be held among the above constituents. A simple majority will suffice and in the event of equality of votes, the Director of PGME will have a casting vote, which they can delegate.

The method of selection, interview or ballot, will be by agreement between the ICM RA and the Director of PGME, taking into account the wishes of the hospital’s consultants in ICM.

The Faculty Tutor Roles and Responsiblities document including the person specification can be viewed below, along with the Faculty Tutor Application Form.

Endorsement by Regional Advisor

Please note that any application for Faculty Tutor status must be endorsed by the local Regional Advisor in ICM.  We also need a short version of your curriculum vitae with your application. Please send all of the documents to: contact@ficm.ac.uk

If the FT Application Form is not countersigned by the RA, then the application must be received directly from the ICM RA with written endorsement. Applications not endorsed by the local RA ICM will be returned. 

You should contact your Regional Advisor for ICM for information on any Tutor roles available in your region.

Are you applying to be a Faculty Tutor?
Email your completed and RA-endorsed application to FICM.