Results and Guidance

Exam Results Oct 2021 Update

We apologise for confusion over FFICM exam results. The Exams Team’s initial plan had been to send these via post. However, in order to make sure candidates can receive results as soon as possible we have been informed that exam results are being sent out on 4 November 2021.

As these results are being sent individually and not via a mail merge to ensure correct delivery of information this may take more time, but candidates should receive their results email on 4 November.

Result letters

Feedback is provided to candidates in the form of a ‘results letter’. This will be emailed to candidates within 21 working days of the release of result date.

Guidance for Candidates who fail 

Examination candidates who fail certain FFICM examinations can request a guidance interview with local trainers and FFICM examiners in order to review previous examination attempts and gain advice on how to best prepare for future attempts. Applicants must apply for guidance within one calendar month of the last failed component.

The Faculty provides Guidance Interviews for candidates who have been unsuccessful. These are available for candidates who have failed the following exams more than once:

  • Final OSCE

  • Final SOE

Guidance is not provided for Final MCQ. Candidates should seek advice from their Faculty Tutor.

  • Guidance is not a compulsory requirement for attempts 2-5 therefore not attending an interview will not affect eligibility for the next attempt. However, prior to the sixth attempt at the FFICM OSCE/SOE candidates must have attended a guidance interview.

  • Please note that no special consideration will be given in respect of refunds following guidance interviews.

  • Interviews are arranged locally wherever possible although interviews can be arranged at the Faculty/RCoA if local trainers and examiners are not available.

  • Interviews are limited to one per candidate with the exception of, at the sixth attempt.

Full details can be found in the Regulations document, section 10.

To arrange a guidance interview,
please contact the Examinations Administrator.