Resources for Candidates

Independent resources

There are numerous independent resources available to assist candidates with exam preparation, many of which use in their title or advertising literature the post nominals FFICM. We wish to make it clear that these are independent resources and are not affiliated with the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and consequently the Faculty accepts no liability for the accuracy of any examination related content which they contain.

Useful Innovations

This learning resource makes staying up to date with the latest literature easy and is accredited by the College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia. Podcasts, vodcasts and modules will appeal to all levels of clinician, and they provide an extensive range of exam resources.

Past Topics and example questions

Please find below in the related downloads section, information releases concerning previous exam round topics and examples questions.

FFICM Exam Prep Course

The Faculty has run an FFICM OSCE/SOE Examination Prep Course since 2015, to assist the trainees in preparation for the exam.  

The course includes a series of small group workshops, lectures and all-important OSCE and SOE practice sessions with feedback.

Please note that this course is intended for ICM Trainees, Members and Affiliate Fellows who are preparing to sit the FFICM OSCE/SOE, having completed the FFICM MCQ.  There will be no FFICM MCQ preparation during this two day event. 

Further details of the next scheduled course can be found in the Events page.

External Courses

Please contact your Regional Advisor for further details of courses local to you.