Guidelines for the Provision of Intensive Care Services

GPICS (2019) can be used as the definitive reference source for planning and delivery of UK Intensive Care Services. It is broken down into chapters and sections which are clear and concise.  After Chapter One, each has the standard format of Introductions, Recommendations, Standards, Background, References and Relevant Ongoing Research.  Some chapters also have Additional Information section.

Advice statements are made in GPICS in two ways.

  1. Standards must be routine practice in UK ICM
  2. Recommendations should be routine practice in UK ICM.


In 2016, GPICS Edition 1 was subject to a review.

Edition 2 began in Summer 2017 and was published Summer 2019.

GPICS  is not a static document.
It will be updated to reflect changes in practice and evidence. We welcome any advice from the critical care community on necessary updates.