FICM Thrive

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FICM Thrive is a Career Mentoring and Personal Development Programme created and coordinated by the Women in Intensive Care Medicine (WICM) Sub-Committee.

FICM Thrive aims to facilitate a strong productive mentoring relationship based on mutual, equal and collaborative development and learning between mentors and mentees. 

Who is Thrive aimed at?

Thrive is in its launch phase. At present we are only taking on Mentees that are new consultants in ICM, in their first 5 years post-appointment. Following this the programme will be reviewed to increase its availability to individuals at all stages of their career. Mentors can be consultants at any stage of their career.   

How can I register?

  • Read through the full guidance document.
  • Fill in the registration forms in the guidance document. Try to make your form detailed and specific so you can be best matched to a mentor or mentee. A word version of the all the forms in the guidance document is available below to accompany the PDF.
  • Return these to 

What happens next?

After you have sent in your registration form, you will be matched with a mentor or mentee. The Faculty will aim to do this within a month but as the database of mentors and mentees is brand new, initially matches may take a little more time, but the Faculty will update you on the progress of your application and will aim to match you as soon as we can. 

Interested in signing up?
Return your form to WICM.