Capacity Transfer of Adult Critical Care Patients: Position Statement

Published 12/11/2021

In collaboration with the Intensive Care Society we have published our joint position statement on capacity transfers of critically ill patients

The statement is endorsed by SICS, WICS, CCaNNI and UKCCNA.

Planned surgery capacity transfers are not a sustainable alternative to an appropriate increase in adequately funded/staffed ICU (L2&3) and enhanced care (L1) beds.

However, over the past two years, transfers have been an essential part of our ability to manage COVID patients.

Our statement aims to ensure that where capacity transfers are performed, it is done in the safest manner possible and after all other alternatives have been considered at all levels.

This temporary solution cannot become a part of our working practice long term.

NHS England are also getting ready to release further guidance shortly on which both the Faculty and Society have been consulted.