FAST HUGS is a widely used pneumonic within critical care but what do FAST HUGS mean to a pharmacist?

Written by: Claire Hannah, Grainne Smyth and Anne Neally.
Sometime in April 2021, during the peak of the first surge, I was telling one of our Sisters about a dream I had had the night before – a bunch of us, all random faces from work, were playing Netball...

Written by Ellie O'Connor
If you haven’t come across this new addition to NHS Blood and Transplant’s (NHSBT) list of acronyms, it stands for Trainee Representative in Organ Donation (TROD)...

Written by: Dr Claire Mitchell and Dr Madeleine Wood
Hands up if over the last 2 years you have come to physically shudder when anyone mentions the word ‘resilience’?...

Written by Dr Christine Watson
I have a confession to make... I am addicted to wild swimming. I try to go at least twice a week. Throughout the year. Whatever the weather. Whatever the temperature...

Written by Dr Liz Thomas
"In 2018 I came up with a cunning plan, I was heavily pregnant with my second child and I was in the middle of stage 2 training..."

Written by: Dr Hannah Potter
Absolutely no one prepares you for the first time you are “running the department” out of hours, when juggling beds, resource allocation and prioritisation, and supervision of juniors becomes your role...

Written by: Dr Mishti Oberoi
I am having a WICMEL day today. I am currently preparing to chair my meeting, a focal part of the Emerging Leadership Programme and an opportunity to hone my skills, thinking about the conduct of a meeting as much as its content

Written by Dr Emily Howells