The Faculty Team

The Faculty team are responsible for the general management of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine. The members of the team are listed below along with their individual areas of work and contact details.

For general ICM related enquiries please contact us on: 020 7092 1540 or email

James Goodwin
Associate Director of Faculties

James became the Associate Director of Faculties in June 2020. He has a dual role, with 60% of his time dedicated to the FICM and 40% to overseeing the Faculty of Pain Medicine. James was the Head of Research at the Royal College of Anaesthetists, managing various programmes including the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC), the Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP), the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit (NELA), the National Audit Projects (NAPs), the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) and its Health Services Research Centre (HSRC). Prior to this James worked for the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

Areas of work:

  • Executive / Board and their related work (strategy, policy, projects, finance, media)


Natalie Bell
FICM Training Manager

Natalie joined the department in June 2018 from the RCoA, where she has worked since 2012, undertaking a variety of roles in the Clinical Quality and Research Directorate.

Areas of work

  • Management of ICM training and education (assessments, curriculum, paediatric ICM, e-Portfolio)

  • Management of ICM Careers, Recruitment and Workforce 


Anna Ripley
FICM Education and Standards Manager

Anna joined the department in 2011 after previously working within Fitness to Practise for the General Osteopathic Council and was previously the Operations Manager for both the FICM (85%) and the Faculty of Pain Medicine (15%).  She began her new role as Education & Standards Manager in the summer of 2019.  Anna works Mondays to Thursdays.

Areas of Work

  • Management of Education and Standards

  • Professional Affairs and Safety Committee and its related work (publications, guidelines, professional standards, safety, audit)

  • Legal & Ethical matters


Susan Hall
FICM Careers & Workforce Coordinator

Susan joined the department in 2014 after previously working for a training simulation company in Bedford.  Susan works Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Areas of work: 

  • Careers, Recruitment & Workforce Committee and its related work (national recruitment, workforce census and engagements, careers)

  • Quality of training

  • Advanced Critical Care Practitioners

  • Pharmacist Sub-Committee


Dawn Tillbrook-Evans
FICM Standards and Design Co ordinator

Dawn joined the department in 2013 as the administrator for the Faculty of Pain Medicine after previously working for the JRCPTB. She began her current role within the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine in 2015. Dawn works Tuesdays to Fridays. 

Areas of work: 

  • Professional Affairs and Safety Committee and its related work (publications, guidelines, professional standards, safety, audit)

  • Smaller and Specialist Units

  • Critical Eye


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